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Purchasing an apartment in Croatia

With us, purchasing an apartment is simple and stress-free

Croatia is a country that attracts many not only with its beauty but also with its real estate investment opportunities. The idea of having your own apartment overlooking the blue sea and the historical Croatian town is truly enticing. But how to handle purchasing an apartment in a country where the legal and property market might significantly differ from what we're accustomed to?

Properties in Croatia: What might surprise you

The idea of buying a property abroad can be fraught with concerns for many. Worries about unknown legal norms, potential complications in handling documentation, or questions about building legality are common. However, with us, you can rest assured that we will simplify the entire process of purchasing an apartment in Croatia for you.

Building Legality in Croatia

One of the main challenges when buying an apartment in Croatia is verifying the building's legality. In the past, many properties in Croatia were constructed without the necessary building permits, which can lead to legalization issues and subsequently also to selling challenges. With us, however, you can be certain that every property we offer has all the necessary documentation in order.

Complete Documentation

Besides the legality of the construction, the completeness of the ownership and cadastral documentation is also essential. In Croatia, this documentation might be more extensive than in the Czech Republic, but with our team of experts, we will assist you with everything necessary.

Communication with the Seller

Furthermore, we will facilitate communication with the seller and ensure that all contracts are as favorable for you as possible and in line with Croatian law.

Why Choose Us?

With our team of specialists, we guarantee a smooth apartment purchasing process in Croatia. We offer a comprehensive service -from selecting a property in Croatia, through legal services, to securing financing. With us, you can sleep soundly knowing everything is in professional hands.

Purchasing an apartment in Croatia can be a complicated process full of uncertainties for many. However, with us, it becomes what it should be - a joyful step towards your own home in one of the most beautiful corners of Europe. Give us a chance to show you how simple and stress-free property purchasing in Croatia can be.