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Insel Pag

The Island of Pag, nestled in the warm Adriatic Sea, stands as one of the most interesting and beautiful islands of Croatia. Its unique combination of rich history, stunning natural beauty, and modern development makes this island an ideal destination for travelers, as well as for those considering investment in real estate.

History of the Island of Pag

The history of the Island of Pag dates back to prehistoric times, but its first recorded history begins in the Roman era. The island has been inhabited since the 4th century BC and was known for its salt mines. Over the centuries, Pag was influenced by various powers, including the Venetian Republic, the Habsburg Monarchy, and Yugoslavia, impacting its architectural and cultural evolution. The town of Pag, the island's capital, is famous for its medieval streets and impressive buildings, such as the Church of St. Mary and the Church of St. George.

Transport to the Island of Pag

Pag is easily accessible thanks to its strategic location and excellent transportation infrastructure. The island is connected to the mainland by a bridge, built in 1968, providing convenient car access. An alternative is the ferry service, connecting the adjacent islands and mainland, ideal for those wanting to explore the surrounding areas or prefer sailing.

The Largest Cities on the Island of Pag

Pag is home to several significant towns that attract tourists and investors. The island's capital, the town of Pag, is known for its historical center and rich culture. Novalja is another popular destination, famous for its beaches and vibrant nightlife, attracting young travelers. Paklenica and Simuni are other notable towns on the island, offering a quieter and more family-oriented environment.



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Kolan, another gem of the island, is renowned for its traditional agriculture and the production of Paski sir cheese, a local specialty. This small town is the ideal place for those seeking a quieter holiday with an emphasis on authentic culinary experiences. Mandre, with its picturesque harbor and beautiful beaches, is perfect for a family vacation. Its location on the southwestern coast of the island offers stunning sea views and neighboring islands.

The Island of Pag is a fascinating place that offers something for everyone - from history and culture to impressive beaches and modern amenities. Its easy accessibility and the diversity of its towns make this island an ideal holiday spot, as well as an attractive destination for real estate investments. Whether you are looking for a retreat for relaxation or an opportunity for business development, Pag will surely captivate you with its unique charm.