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Waterworks and sewage system on Vir Island 2023

General Information and Facts about Vir Island

Vir is a relatively small island near the mainland, covering an area of 22.38 km2, located not far from the city of Zadar. Its length exceeds 10.12 km, and at its widest point, it reaches up to 4.25 km. The island's coastline isn't too jagged, with most bays located on the northern part. Vir is connected by a modern bridge through which the Zadar - Nin - Privlaka - Vir road runs. Historically, the island was covered in forests, but they were almost entirely cut down in the first half of the last century due to agricultural expansion and the need for timber. A somewhat problematic issue for the island is the availability of drinking water, which is mostly transported from the mainland in cisterns, and every resident ensures their own supply, including wastewater disposal.

Construction of Waterworks on the Island

By mid-June 2023, a total of 3,240 users on Vir Island were connected to the new water supply and sewage network. However, this number is not final, and by the end of the works, scheduled to finish by the end of this year, the number should increase by an additional 38.6 km of water supply and 40.9 km of sewage networks that are to be operational.
Since the beginning of 2023, construction works have been ongoing without any halt. As a result, in just under six months, more than 260 residential units were connected. In 2022, 515 residential units were connected to the water and sewage network, suggesting that 2023 might see the highest number of newly connected households.



550.000 €

Connected Streets - Water Availability

In the first half of the year, the following streets were connected: Prezida XVII, Prezida XXV, Prezida XXVII, Prezida XXIX, Prezida XXXIV, Prezida XXXVI, Prezida XXXVIII., Prezida XL, Prezida XLIV, Prezida XLVI, Prezida XLVIII, Virić and Virić II, and parts of Prezida XXII and Prezida XXXII streets. Additionally, connections will be made for Prezida XVII, Prezida XXV, Prezida XXVII, Prezida XXIX, Prezida XXXIV, Prezida XXXVI, Prezida XXXVIII, Virić and Virić II. Further works will continue in the autumn of 2023.

In streets where households are not yet physically connected, they will be covered with temporary asphalt. The final asphalt layer will be added after they are connected to the water and sewage network of Vir Island, i.e., by the end of autumn and the start of the winter season. This mainly concerns streets like Prezida XVII, Prezida XXV, Prezida XXVII, Prezida XXIX, Prezida XXXIV, Virić and Virić II, while for Prezida XXXVI and Prezida XXXVIII.