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Air Conditioner Maintenance Before the Tourist Season

With the upcoming tourist season in Croatia, the interest in property rentals is increasing. For Croatian property owners, it is essential to ensure that their properties are attractive to tourists. One of the key factors that can significantly impact the success of rentals is the presence of an air conditioner. In the hot summer months, guests simply cannot imagine accommodation without air conditioning. Therefore, it is crucial not only to have an air conditioner but also to maintain it properly. What does air conditioner maintenance involve and what steps should property owners take to ensure their air conditioner works efficiently and reliably?

Regular Service and Cleaning of the Air Conditioner Prolong Its Lifespan

Air conditioners, like any other technical device, require regular maintenance. Regular maintenance ensures that the air conditioner operates efficiently, economically, and performs its function. Regular inspection and cleaning of the air conditioner can prevent serious problems that could lead to costly repairs.

Cleaning the Air Conditioner Filter is Fundamental

Air conditioning units not only cool or heat but also clean the air. In environments with higher dust levels, such as homes with pets, carpeted rooms, or properties in city centers and industrial areas, filters need to be checked more frequently. It is recommended to do this at least twice a year, ideally in spring and autumn. Clogged filters increase energy consumption and reduce system efficiency.

What You Can Do Yourself

Many basic air conditioner maintenance tasks can be done by yourself. Every air conditioner contains a filter that captures dust particles. This filter can be easily removed and cleaned according to the manufacturer's instructions. You can rinse the filter with lukewarm water, use a mild soapy solution, or clean it with a vacuum cleaner. After cleaning, reinstall the filter and do not forget to wipe the entire unit with a damp cloth, including the outdoor unit.

How Often to Replace Carbon Filters

In addition to regular filters, the air conditioner may also contain carbon filters that remove odors. These filters need to be replaced approximately every six months as they cannot be cleaned. Some air conditioners also use special filters that limit the flow of organic substances, bacteria, and allergens. These filters also need to be replaced regularly.

Example of Poor Maintenance

If you do not maintain the air conditioner regularly, its efficiency can be significantly reduced. An air conditioner that has not been cleaned for five years may operate at only 5-10% of its capacity and require a professional intervention. In such a case, it is necessary to disassemble the entire indoor unit and thoroughly clean it. Therefore, regular maintenance is crucial.

Professional Air Conditioner Service

In addition to the basic maintenance you can do yourself, it is advisable to ensure professional air conditioner service once or twice a year. Professional service includes:

- Complete functionality test and diagnostics
- Cleaning filters and checking electrical installations
- Cleaning both the outdoor and indoor units with chemical agents
- Cleaning drainage pipes and plastic parts
- Checking and refilling refrigerant
- Checking the tightness of the cooling circuit and pressure

These tasks should be performed by a qualified technician to ensure proper functionality and long lifespan of the air conditioner.



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For property owners in Croatia, ensuring a functional air conditioner is a key factor for successful rentals during the tourist season. Regular maintenance and professional service can extend the lifespan of your air conditioner, maintain its efficiency, and ensure that your guests are satisfied with their stay. Remember that investing in air conditioner maintenance is an investment in your guests' satisfaction and thus the success of your business.