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Drinking Water Prices in Croatia

Drinking water is a necessity for daily life, and its price is a significant factor affecting the household budget. In Croatia, drinking water prices vary by region, with each municipality having its own specific tariff systems. In this article, we will look at the drinking water prices in several selected municipalities to provide an overview and comparison of costs.

Water Prices in Different Municipalities


In the capital city of Zagreb, the price for a cubic meter (m³) of drinking water is approximately 2 euros. In addition, residents pay a regular monthly fee for infrastructure maintenance of 4 euros.


In Croatia's second largest city, Split, the price for m³ of water is around 1.87 euros. The monthly water fee is set at 3.73 euros.


Rijeka, as an important port city, has set the water price at 2.13 euros per m³. The regular monthly water fee is 4.27 euros.


In the eastern city of Osijek, the price for m³ of water is approximately 1.73 euros. The monthly fee is 3.33 euros.

Average Prices and Costs

To get an overview of the average drinking water prices in Croatia, we will average the prices from the above-mentioned municipalities. We will also consider the regular monthly fees.

City Price per m³ of Water (EUR) Monthly Fee (EUR)
Zagreb 2 4
Split 1.87 3.73
Rijeka 2.13 4.27
Osijek 1.73 3.33

Average price per m³ of water: 1.93 EUR

Average monthly fee: 3.83 EUR


The average price of drinking water in Croatia is around 1.93 euros per cubic meter, while the average monthly fee for water services is 3.83 euros. These costs can vary depending on the municipality and other factors such as the level of consumption or special tariff structures for households with higher consumption. The total cost of drinking water can therefore constitute a significant part of a household's monthly budget.



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