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Average Construction Costs in Croatia 2024

If you are planning a property renovation in Croatia, it is important to have an overview of current construction costs. In this article, we provide an overview of the average construction costs focused on renovations. Prices can vary depending on the region, project size, and specifics of individual works. The figures below are averages that will give you an indicative idea of the costs.

Demolition Works

Demolition works are the first step in any renovation, whether it involves the removal of old walls, floors, or roofs.

Average price: 5 - 9 EUR per m²

2. Masonry Works

Masonry works include the construction of new walls, repair of existing structures, and other basic construction works.

Average price: 20 - 40 EUR per m²

3. Electrical Installation

Electrical installation works include the installation of new electrical wiring, sockets, switches, and lighting.

Average price: 66 - 132 EUR per point (socket, switch, light)

4. Plumbing and Sewage Installation

Plumbing works include the installation of water and sewage pipes, as well as the installation of sanitary equipment.

Average price: 66 - 200 EUR per point (sink, toilet, shower)

5. Plastering and Stucco

Plastering and stucco works involve applying new layers of plaster to walls and ceilings.

Average price: 6 - 16 EUR per m²

6. Flooring Installation

Flooring installation includes laying new floor coverings such as tiles, parquet, or laminate.

Average price:
Tiles: 20 - 40 EUR per m²
Parquet: 27 - 60 EUR per m²
Laminate: 13 - 27 EUR per m²

7. Painting Works

Painting works involve painting interiors, applying primer, and final colors.

Average price: 4 - 9 EUR per m²



189.000 €

8. Window and Door Installation

Choosing and installing new windows and doors is crucial for the energy efficiency and aesthetics of your home.

Average price:
Windows: 265 - 660 EUR per window
Doors: 200 - 530 EUR per door

9. Roofing Works

Roof renovation may include the replacement of roofing material, insulation, and repair of the supporting structure.

Average price: 40 - 93 EUR per m²

10. Other Costs

In addition to the specific works listed, it is necessary to consider costs for project documentation, building permits, and possible consultations with experts.

Construction costs in Croatia can vary significantly depending on many factors, including the region, availability of materials, and the quality of craftsmen. Before starting the renovation, it is always good to get several quotes from different contractors and carefully check references. Thorough planning and budgeting can save you a lot of worries and financial resources during the actual renovation.